TOP 10 Online Job Sites in Bangladesh

It is every youth’s dream to find a job. The most convenient way to find and apply for jobs is to do it online. For recent graduates, a good job is always appreciated. A graduate feels good when they have a nice job or a suitable career. There are now around 27 job sites in Bangladesh. In this article, we will review all the well-known job sites in Bangladesh that can help unemployed youth.

Good and well-established companies post their job openings on their website, on LinkedIn or on a reputable job board, such as Monster or CareerBuilder. Many companies offer assistance to job seekers, such as training, workshops, seminars, and other forms of assistance. It is a known fact that there are always more candidates than available positions. The job market is in poor shape and the number of new positions is limited.

In today’s digital age, online job portals have become invaluable tools for both job seekers and employers. Bangladesh, with its growing economy and expanding workforce, has embraced the power of online recruitment, offering a plethora of platforms to connect talented individuals with promising career opportunities. Here’s a comprehensive guide to the top 10 online job sites in Bangladesh, empowering you to navigate the job market effectively:

1. BDJobs: A pioneer in the Bangladeshi online job market, BDJobs boasts an extensive database of job openings across various industries, including IT, banking, manufacturing, and healthcare. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive search filters make it an ideal platform for job seekers with diverse backgrounds and experience levels.

2. Chakri: Another prominent player in the Bangladeshi online job market, Chakri is renowned for its reputation and reliability. With a strong focus on local job opportunities, Chakri caters to both Bangladeshi nationals and expatriates seeking employment in the country.

3. ajobwire: ajobwire stands out for its innovative approach to job search, incorporating social media features and gamification elements to enhance the user experience. Its targeted search criteria and personalized recommendations make it a valuable tool for finding relevant job openings.

4. Youth Opportunities: Dedicated to empowering young Bangladeshi professionals, Youth Opportunities provides a platform tailored to fresh graduates and aspiring job seekers. It offers internship opportunities, entry-level positions, and career development resources specifically for youth.

5. The Daily Star Jobsite: Powered by one of Bangladesh’s leading newspapers, The Daily Star Jobsite offers a wealth of job openings from reputable companies and organizations. Its reputation for credibility and trustworthiness makes it a popular choice among job seekers.

6. Imployme: Imployme focuses on connecting skilled professionals with career opportunities in Bangladesh and abroad. Its extensive network of employers and its emphasis on job matching based on skills and expertise make it a valuable resource for experienced professionals.

7. Indeed Bangladesh: A global job search platform with a strong presence in Bangladesh, Indeed Bangladesh aggregates job postings from various sources, providing a comprehensive overview of the available opportunities. Its international reach is particularly beneficial for job seekers considering overseas employment.

8. LinkedIn Bangladesh: While primarily a social networking platform for professionals, LinkedIn Bangladesh has emerged as a powerful job search tool. Its network connections and targeted job recommendations make it a valuable resource for building relationships and exploring career opportunities.

9. BRAC Job Bank: Operated by BRAC, one of the largest NGOs in Bangladesh, BRAC Job Bank focuses on connecting individuals from underserved communities with employment opportunities. It provides career guidance and job placement services for those seeking entry-level jobs and those with limited formal education.

10. Glassdoor Bangladesh: Known for its employee reviews and salary insights, Glassdoor Bangladesh offers a unique perspective on company culture and compensation. Its transparency and comprehensive information empower job seekers to make informed decisions about their career choices.

As you navigate the job market in Bangladesh, these top 10 online job sites can serve as invaluable allies. With their diverse offerings, tailored search features, and extensive networks of employers, you’ll be well-equipped to find the perfect career opportunity to match your skills, aspirations, and goals.

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