Assisstant Manager – Purchasing Job

An Assistant Manager – Purchasing, also known as Assistant Purchasing Manager, is a professional responsible for supporting and assisting the Purchasing Manager in various aspects of procurement and supply chain management within an organization. This role is crucial in ensuring the efficient and cost-effective acquisition of goods and services necessary for the company’s operations.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Vendor Management: Collaborating with suppliers, negotiating terms and agreements, and maintaining positive relationships to secure favorable terms, pricing, and delivery schedules.
  2. Order Placement: Coordinating and placing purchase orders based on inventory levels, production schedules, or specific project requirements.
  3. Budget Management: Assisting in the development and management of the purchasing budget, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adherence to financial constraints.
  4. Supplier Evaluation: Evaluating potential suppliers, conducting assessments, and making recommendations to the Purchasing Manager for supplier selection.
  5. Contract Negotiation: Participating in contract negotiations to secure favorable terms, including price, payment terms, and delivery schedules.
  6. Inventory Control: Monitoring inventory levels, tracking stock movement, and implementing strategies to optimize stock levels while minimizing carrying costs.
  7. Quality Assurance: Collaborating with quality control teams to ensure purchased products meet quality standards and specifications.
  8. Policy Compliance: Ensuring compliance with company purchasing policies, procedures, and ethical standards.
  9. Market Research: Keeping abreast of market trends, supplier performance, and industry developments to make informed purchasing decisions.
  10. Team Collaboration: Working closely with cross-functional teams, such as production, logistics, and finance, to ensure seamless coordination in the supply chain.

Skills and Qualifications:

  1. Procurement Knowledge: Strong understanding of procurement principles, sourcing strategies, and supply chain management.
  2. Negotiation Skills: Proficient in negotiating terms, contracts, and pricing with suppliers.
  3. Analytical Skills: Ability to analyze data, market trends, and supplier performance to make informed decisions.
  4. Communication Skills: Excellent communication skills for effective interaction with vendors, team members, and other departments.
  5. Detail-Oriented: Strong attention to detail to manage contracts, track inventory, and ensure accuracy in purchasing processes.
  6. Problem-Solving: Ability to identify and address challenges in the procurement process promptly.
  7. Technology Proficiency: Familiarity with procurement software, ERP systems, and other tools used in purchasing.

Assistant Managers in Purchasing often play a pivotal role in optimizing costs, ensuring timely deliveries, and contributing to the overall efficiency of an organization’s supply chain.

Job Summary:

The role is responsible for executing established procedures related to ordering, receiving, storing, distributing, and payment of items. The position involves assisting in the development of an approved vendors list covering various categories.

Candidate Profile:

Education and Experience:

  • A 4-year bachelor’s degree in Finance and Accounting or a related major; no work experience required.

Core Work Activities:

Assisting in Managing Work, Projects, Policies, and Standards for Purchasing Across Departments:

  • Assist in generating accurate and timely reports and presentations.
  • Compile, code, categorize, calculate, tabulate, audit, or verify information and data.
  • Ensure sanitation compliance.
  • Aid the Executive Chef in all aspects of purchasing to ensure quality and profitability.
  • Order all food and beverage based on business needs.
  • Assist in maintaining/lowering budgeted food/controllable costs.
  • Enforce first in/first out inventory rotation.
  • Maintain sanitation and safety standards as per brand guidelines.
  • Safeguard food and beverage storeroom assets.
  • Enforce item use-up with storeroom personnel and kitchen management.
  • Communicate with kitchen, restaurant management, and vendors to ensure timely deliveries.
  • Check invoices against shipments to ensure quantity, quality, weights, and purchase specifications are as ordered.
  • Use computer programs for daily and period-end food and beverage costs.
  • Maintain inventory controls for proper levels, dating, rotation, requisitions, etc.
  • Complete administrative tasks on a timely basis (e.g., C-7s, menu costing, general office duties).
  • Complete period-end inventory according to standard operating procedures.
  • Calculate figures for food and beverage inventory.
  • Communicate price and product availability issues to F & B Director and Executive Chef.
  • Assist in receiving and inspecting all deliveries.
  • Maintain an accurate controllable log and beverage perpetual.
  • Ensure accurate administration of all invoices and adherence to proper bookkeeping procedures.

Demonstrating and Applying Accounting Knowledge to Purchasing Operations:

  • Demonstrate knowledge of job-relevant issues, products, systems, and processes.
  • Use computers and relevant information to determine compliance with laws, regulations, or standards.
  • Stay updated on technical advancements and apply new knowledge to the job.
  • Demonstrate knowledge and proficiency of A.S.I. standards.

Maintaining Finance and Accounting Goals:

  • Submit reports in a timely manner, meeting delivery deadlines.
  • Ensure accurate documentation of profits and losses.
  • Achieve and exceed goals, including performance and budget goals.
  • Develop specific goals and plans to prioritize, organize, and accomplish work.
  • Monitor all applicable taxes, ensuring they are current, collected, and/or accrued.

Additional Responsibilities:

  • Provide information to supervisors, co-workers, and subordinates through various channels.
  • Analyze information to choose the best solution and solve problems.
  • Interact with kitchen staff, vendors, and Executive Chef.
  • Use existing computer programs effectively for invoicing and cost updates.
  • Attend and participate in relevant meetings.
  • Provide direction and assistance to other organizational units regarding accounting and budgeting policies and procedures.
  • Inform executives, peers, and subordinates of relevant information in a timely manner.

Marriott International is an equal opportunity employer, committed to hiring a diverse workforce and sustaining an inclusive, people-first culture, without discrimination on any protected basis under applicable law.

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